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Gateway Systems Limited
Hamilton House
10 Queen Street, Hamilton HM11
Tel: (441) 292-0341
Fax: (441) 292-0455

P.O. Box HM 2520
Hamilton HM GX

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Name Position Extension Email-Address
Cameron Moulder Software Engineer 131
Christie Minors Receptionist 0
Danny Dunlop Senior Account Manager 120
Elizabeth Lira Account Manager 121
Eric Lacasse Snr. Software Engineer N/A
GRAEME JACK Finance Director 111
Greg Johnson Snr. Systems Engineer 147
Ian Hutchison Snr. AS/400 Specialist N/A
JOHN KYLE Managing Director 123
KEVIN LUCKHAM Software Services Director 133
Michael Manaog Snr. Systems Engineer 154
Niek Brink Snr. Systems Engineer 148
Nikeisha Woods Accounts Administrator 105
Rishi Prabhakar Systems Engineer 144
RUBEN TEULING Technical Service Director 149
Ryan Foggo Inventory and Logistics 155
Shannon Burchall Snr. Software Engineer 132
Stewart Greenslade Snr. Systems Engineer 153