The word solution means the following:

  • Way of resolving difficulty
  • Answer to a puzzle
  • Finding an answer
  • Result

We like to think of ourselves as delivering results.

If you have a problem that potentially can be resolved using technology then please give us a call or browse a short list of some of our solutions where we have delivered.

Debt Collection and Credit Reporting

In partnership with the Bermuda Credit Association, Gateway Systems Limited developed their Debt Collection and Credit Reporting (DCCR) system to handle the needs of a small island community. Member companies have a single point of contact to check the history of anyone prior to issuing a credit account. This is accomplished via an encrypted secure on-line connection to the DCCR system.

For more information about the DCCR system please contact

Disaster Recovery and Contingency Planning (DRCP)

Gateway’s technical team can assist develop your company’s Disaster Recovery (DR) plan to ensure that you meet any compliancy and business needs. After this is documented we can work with you to implement and periodically test and update this plan to make sure it changes as the business does. If you are interested in looking at what it would take to put a simple continuity plan in place call us for an appointment. It will cost nothing for us to visit and talk to you about what you need.

Insurance Policy Holder Search

Gateway’s Insurance Policy Holder Search (GIPHS) application is a must for Pharmacy’s (P) and Doctor’s Offices (D). Rapidly download the relevant insurance company data each day and a simple search function operates across all policy holders and determines the current coverage of an individual. It eliminates much time wasting and erroneous customer and insurance provider billing, ultimately saving you money.

Please contact us to find out how you can get access to this simple solution to a complex problem.

Automated Bermuda Customs (ABC)

Gateway’s ABC system is the standard Bermuda Customs software for vendors importing goods to the island. It interacts directly with the HM Customs’ CAPS system and also caters for temporary importation to a bonded warehouse. Our philosophy is that we want you to only enter data once and to facilitate this we have written a series of “data hooks” that allow us to integrate this system with nearly any Purchase Order Management or Receiving system. We would be happy to discuss the options for simplifying your Customs clearance process, making it as easy as ABC.

Hospitality Solutions

Property Management Systems (PMS)

Gateway offer several solutions for hospitality businesses in Bermuda. We work closely with Infor-Softbrands to offer Property Management Systems (PMS) for small, medium or large hotel properties.

Point of Sale Systems

Our solution combines the powerful Microsoft Windows and SQL Server software platform with SQUiRREL's commitment to excellence, which allows us to deliver a customized solution which will meet each restaurateur's unique needs. The designs of the user interfaces are based upon advanced human factors engineering making the system truly simple, intuitive and natural to use. You benefit as the system requires substantially less training of staff. But do not take our word for it, talk to the approximately 11,000 restaurants that have the system installed with over 50,000 terminals around the world or even talk to the people that have it running in Bermuda. Ask them how they like their SQUiRREL system and just as important the support service from Gateway.



Griffin Box- Guest Internet Access Interface (Wired and Wireless)

With the increased use of cellular technology one of the additional revenue generators, telephones are rapidly diminishing but this is being replaced by guest internet services. Gateway with our unique solution can improve the service to the guest even if you decide not to charge for it by authenticating bona fide guests, advising them of the terms and conditions and eliminating rogue users to your network. Combine this solution with our device that can aggregate all of your internet lines into one (you should have more than one for redundancy) and improve service to the business and the guests.


Web Wizard

Gateway has developed the simple solution, Web Wizard, which updates your current restaurant menus or events on your web site without costly development. Use the same word document you use for your physical menus to update the site via our easy to use upload wizard. Put the update in the hands of the person creating the content and save time and resources. Call for a demonstration today or ask for our list of references.

Office Automation

Gateway Systems Limited office automation tools are easy to use and they save you time, money and headaches. We are happy to demonstrate any of these at your convenience.

Web Wizard 4.0

Web Wizard eliminates the need to have a web developer and once created your web site can be updated using Microsoft Word from anywhere you have an internet connection. The simple to use “wizard” put the updating of web pages in the hands of the people that create the content, eliminating time delays and additional cost. This site is developed and updated using Web Wizard 4.0 and we would be delighted to give you a demonstration. It is in use in hotels and restaurants and is ideal for keeping your web site current as the very document you create to print your menu is used to update the web.

The Intranet in a Box (TIBS)

A company starter, Intranet in a box comes with the following modules loaded on a PC ready to be plugged in to your network: Company Policy Manual, IN/OUT Board, Staff Contact Page, Company Events Bulletin board, Staff Sick and Absence Tracking. All pages are dynamically edited using Web Wizard and normal MS Word. It is a simple solution to getting a small to medium company connected to staff quickly and with a low cost of ownership.

The In/Out Board (TIBS Module)

The In/Out Board gives everyone in the office a dynamic view of the location of staff. This can install as part of TIBS above or into a MS SharePoint Internal site.

The In/Out Board - Blackberry Application

Update the In/Out Board from your Blackberry as you go from client to client (or to lunch) and the office knows where you are and when you will be back.

Contact for further information or to arrange a short demonstration.

Retail Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS)

Is a fully integrated point-of-sale and business management software system running under Microsoft Windows. Built for the most demanding of retail needs, it can enhance the efficiency of any retail business while providing important data for cash and inventory management. It offers breakthrough features that make it dramatically easier to set up, manage, and process sales transactions for any retail business.

RMS is a fast, dependable, easy-to-use, yet extremely powerful POS system for the Windows environment, and can be operated on a single machine or as part of a network with multiple POS devices. It supports multiple industry standard devices (scanners, printers, pole displays, signature pads and more) connected to the PC. It is compatible with the leading Windows-based accounting software packages such as QuickBooks, and of course Microsoft Dynamic Great Plains.

RMS POS program handles all sales transactions. Sales and returns are entered at the point of sale using one simple screen, which looks like a typical sales ticket. Items are scanned or keyed in and displayed instantly. RMS handles layaways and on-account transactions as simply as ordinary cash sales. It provides complete invoice histories for full reporting, allows multi-tendering and online credit card authorization, and split payments.

RMS Store Operations Manager program automates back-office operations. Beyond basic inventory control features, its advanced capabilities promote optimum inventory levels, control costs, and set pricing. It supports millions of items of different types (kit, serialized, matrix, tag-along, parent-child, gasoline, mix & match, etc.). RMS automatically generates purchase orders. Merchandise is priced accurately and automatically, based on list price, quantity breaks, customer discounts, or markup from cost.

Accurate customer information is instantly available at business owners' fingertips for improving credit control and customer service. RMS tracks customers' preferences, shopping habits, payment history, and allows multi-level pricing to provide special discounts for preferred customers.

RMS using a powerful report generator offers instant access to a wealth of meaningful information. With the point-and-click report generator, business owners can run instant sales analysis, identify slow moving items, see sales for any day, by cashiers, registers, departments, categories, or customers.  All reports and graphs can be pre-viewed on screen, printed, or exported to external software (like excel) for further analysis.

Gateway Systems Limited has integrated their Automated Bermuda Customs (ABC) System and ORaC, Order Receiving and Costing system and also have modules for handling items sold by the square foot and stocktaking to provide added value to anyone that is using this RMS.

Security Solutions

In the continuing convergence of the information network, video and communications Gateway offers appliances to handle both network and physical security in the office environment.

Security Camera Solutions

Unfortunately as opportunistic crime becomes more prevalent on the island it is important to have security cameras installed that will deter criminals from abusing your premises.

The key elements to any modern security system are:

·        Prominent location and signage to show that you have cameras installed

·        Equipment that is capable of retrieving an image that is recognizable

·        Ability to use current network cabling to reduce installation cost

·        Ability to record on PC/Server disc storage

·        Software that is able to be used easily to review footage when required

·        Software that can be accessed across internet again when required allowing monitoring from anywhere that is internet connected.

·        Cameras that can be powered by communications cabling reducing installation costs

We utilise a SONY system that conforms to all of the above criteria.

Network Security Appliances

Gateway supplies firewall technology from Checkpoint and intrusion detection and intrusion defense systems from Enterasys-Siemens.

Service and Helpdesk

Easily, efficiently and effectively deliver outstanding support services to your employees and customers. LANDesk Service Desk empowers both your internal IT support staff and external customer service team with process-driven incident management, role-based privilege sets, automatic actions, assignment, service levels and escalation. You gain the power to deliver support services using a range of convenient interfaces as well as a simple, effective way to introduce and maintain Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices.

All the Fundamental Functions You Expect in a World-Class Service Desk Solution
LANDesk Service Desk includes the basics of incident and call logging, assignment, service levels, escalation, form design and user structures to give you access to everything you expect in a world-class service desk solution.

A Simple, Effective Way to Introduce and Maintain ITIL Best Practices
LANDesk Service Desk gives you the assurance of support for ITIL best practices and integration. An ITIL Service Desk, Incident and Call Management, Problem Management and Service Level Management capabilities extend your ITIL best practice efforts. All requirements identified by ITIL are matched, and most importantly, exceeded to give you flexibility specific to your needs.

The Ability to Empower Users, End-Users and Customers
LANDesk Service Desk includes a comprehensive, intelligent knowledge base capability. Users can dynamically search for solutions and advice as incident, call, problem and change information is populated. You control and configure how results are displayed. And knowledge is automatically captured to ensure that the latest, most pertinent information is accessible with the least impact on resources. And reporting capabilities let you record and prove the value of articles with both business usage and feedback.


Description: Pink VerifyLANDesk Service Desk Suite is highly configurable: you can change the data, the layout of the windows that your application uses for entering and displaying information, and even the workflow of the processes.

Video Conferencing

Gateway offers Tandberg for corporate videoconferencing needs. Tandberg is a leader in this market and using video to replace unnecessary business travel the Tandberg team saved over $45 million and 21,000 metric tons of carbon emissions and gained 38,250 productivity hours over the past year.


·        Transform your business


·        Do more with less


·        Be greener

Increased security delays and waits in airports are now commonplace. This makes travel a major resource drain and obviously costs money and productivity time. Consider meeting via video as a better option. Call us and ask for a demonstration and see what true high-definition videoconferencing can do for your bottom line.

Gateway offers a videoconferencing service to Bermuda businesses so they can experience the benefits first hand. Our facility includes what we refer to as a SMART Boardroom with state of the art SMART Board and Tandberg Edge 95 MXP High Definition Videoconferencing system with Multi-Site bridge and collaboration options. You can call using our dedicated high bandwidth 2Mb IP Internet connection or our 768KB ISDN option for legacy systems [see photographs]. If you are interested in using our facility please follow the link and fill in the required details or e-mail