Cyber Security

Protect your business’s data and infrastructure against cyber threats

The Importance of Cyber Security

The value of the cybercrime business is estimated to reach six (6) trillion dollars within two (2) years.

With 43% of all cyber-attacks focused on small business, everyone needs to pay attention to how well computer systems are protected.

The Personal Information Protection Act , 2016, (PIPA) also makes businesses responsible if they have a data breach and a client or employee’s personal information is exposed. Businesses need to protect themselves and their clients, but how do you select the right solutions to combat the threats out there?

Why Gateway

Gateway’s professional staff are available to assist by defining the cybersecurity requirements based on the personal information you hold and other risks, to find a solution that meets your needs and your compliance obligations.

There are many vendors on the market providing systems but Gateway represents many of the leaders in this rapidly expanding market, providing defenses against Ransomware, Identity Theft, Malware and other disruptive actions that keep ICT professionals awake at night.

Our vendor partners are available to advise on “best of breed” solutions and tick the boxes for the new compliance and audit requirements.

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