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Gateway’s software development team provides system integration services and develops custom software to meet client needs.  We also provide website development services and can help clients set up e-commerce platforms.  Some examples of our award-winning proprietary applications include:

GIPHS – Insurance claim software for pharmacies & medical professionals

Tired of looking up customer insurance information from each provider? Want to reduce the amount of claim rejections? GIPHS brings together the most UpToDate information from insurance providers to streamline your claims verification process.

eVisit – Meeting log software

Need a solution to track who is on premise, alert meeting hosts of arrivals, and provide reporting for Track & Trace / Fire Marshal requirements? eVisit is a simple yet powerful solution that can streamline visitor logs, reporting and access.

ABC – Customs management software

Helping you to avoid unnecessary delays to processing customs duty payments. Save time and reduce the admin burden by using ABC to process imported goods through customs.

PIR-X – PIPA compliance management software

Bermudas Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) requires organisations to have processes in place to manage Privacy Complaints and Information Access Rights Requests. When these are received by an organisation, the clock counting down the deadline starts ticking! PirX walks you though the required steps to fulfil these obligations and assists in managing tasks assigned for team members to action.

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